Publications & Revisions Requested

“Patronage by Credit: International Sources of Patronage Politics”. 2017 David A. Lake Award for Best Paper Presented at IPES. Revise & Resubmit, Journal of Politics [Download PDF]

“Priors rule: When do malfeasance revelations help and hurt incumbent parties?” (with Horacio Larreguy, John Marshall and Pablo Querubin). NBER Working Paper 24888Revise & Resubmit, Journal of the European Economic Association [Download PDF]

This project is part of the EGAP Metaketa I: Information and Accountability Initiative. Description in EGAPEGAP Registry. EGAP Policy Review. Featured in J-PAL Policy Insight.

“Inflation Concerns and Mass Preferences Over Currency Policy” (with Michaël Aklin and Julia Gray). Revise & Resubmit, Economics & Politics [Download PDF]

“How Large Are The Political Costs of Fiscal Austerity?” (with David Stasavage). 2019. Journal of Politics 81(4): 1517-1522. [Journal Version] [Download PDF]

“Voter information campaigns and political accountability: Cumulative findings from a pre-registered meta-analysis of coordinated trials” (with Thad Dunning and 27 other collaborators). 2019. Science Advances 5(7):eaaw2612 [Journal Version] [Download PDF]

“Information Provision, Voter Coordination, and Electoral Accountability: Evidence from Mexican Social Networks” (with Pablo Balan, Horacio Larreguy, John Marshall, and Pablo Querubin) 2019. American Political Science Review 113(2):475-498 [Journal Version][Download PDF]

“How Does Media Influence Social Norms? Experimental Evidence on the Role of Common Knowledge”. 2019. Political Science Research & Methods 7(3):561-578 [Journal Version] [Download PDF]

Media coverage in The New York Times, PBS’s NewshourThe Washington Post’s Monkey CageBehavioral Science & Policy Association’s Blog, Harvard’s Kennedy School Gender Action Portal. Description in EGAP Policy Brief

“Cooperative Autocracies: Leader Survival, Creditworthiness and Bilateral Investment Treaties” (with James R. Hollyer and B. Peter Rosendorff). 2018.  American Journal of Political Science 62(4):905-921 [Journal Version][Download PDF]

“Tenure, Promotion and Performance: The Career Path of U.S. Ambassadors” (with Alastair Smith). 2018Review of International Organizations 13(1):77-103 [Journal Version] [A Data Set of US Ambassadors – Codebook].


Book Chapters and Other Publications

“When Does Information Increase Electoral Accountability? Lessons from a Field Experiment In Mexico.” In T. Dunning, G. Grossman, M. Humphreys, S. Hyde C. McIntosh, and G. Nellis (eds). Metaketa I: The Limits of Electoral Accountability. 2019. Cambridge University Press. (with Horacio Larreguy, John Marshall and Pablo Querubin)

“Promises and Perils of Informational Interventions for Electoral Accountability.” 2018. APSA Comparative Democratization Newsletter 16(1) [Download PDF]

“Domestic Politics of International Trade”. 2015. In Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences (eds.) Robert Scott and Stephen Kosslyn. Wiley. (with Michaël Aklin, Emine Deniz, and B. Peter Rosendorff) [LINK] [Download PDF]


Working Papers

“Impartiality and US Influence in International Courts: Evidence from the WTO Appellate Body” [Available upon request]

“Does the Content and Mode of Delivery of Information Matter for Electoral Accountability? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Mexico” (with Horacio Larreguy, John Marshall and Pablo Querubin). [Available upon request]

“Why do Governments Fail to Avoid Debt Crises? The Role of Discounting and Distribution Preferences” (with Matthew R. DiGiuseppe and Patrick Shea). [Available upon request]

“Government Choices Over Borrowing Strategies” (with Layna Mosley and B. Peter Rosendorff) [Available upon request]


Work in Progress

“The Fed Curse: How US Monetary Policy Shapes Governance in the Developing World” (Book Project)

“The Construction of Trust in the State: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Colombia” (with Rebecca Hanson, Dorothy Kronick and Tara Slough) [Pre-Analysis Plan]

This project is funded by and part of the EGAP Metaketa IV: Community Policing Initiative, Economic Development & Institutions programme, and CAF’s Corruption and Prevention Policies. Description in EGAP. AEA Registry. EGAP Registry.

“Financing Private Goods” (with Matthew R. DiGiuseppe)

“When Does Flexibility in Tariff Rates Hurt Trade? The Political Sources of Policy Uncertainty”